40th Birthday Cake

This design was inspred by all of his favorites things during the course of his life. From Matchbox Cars to Golf!

Cool 40th birthday bash with a really neat design! All hand made and edible!
back side of a birthday cake that focuses on each decade.

      This cake was designed to reflect each decade

of the Birthday boys life thus far. 
Matchbox Lunch Box with tracks and toys = age 1-10
Baseball glove and Braves baseball =  age 11-20
Clemson Season Football tickets = age 21-30
Golf shoe, scorecard, tee, and current events = 31-present
We even amde a edible figure of the birthday boy himself, perched
ontop his shoe.
Newspaper was customized with edible image of him with his kids.
Great cake for an amazing dad!
 This client drives from Spartanburg and meets us half way for their cakes!   That is amazing and we are so honored.
More neat cakes to come over the next few weeks… stay tuned!

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