Asheville Sculpted Groom’s Cakes

December 31st, 2014

Ahhhh.. yes the time when you need to decide “Do I do a Groom’s Cake or not?”. It s a personal choice of course, but, with 16 years of experience in creating these custom cakes we can honestly say….. “OMG they flip over them and love it!”.  A sure fire way to make your new partner for life grin form ear to ear.

Here are just a few past edible centerpieces we have done that we look back on, and… well,… smile. =0)

Asheville Grooms Cakes, tiffanys baking co

Sculpted beer bottle cake for a groom. Stood nearly 3 feet tall!

Asheville Sculpted Cakes

This Alumni Cake wa special created for a Groom you LOVES Clemson but has that bitter rival fanfare for the Gamecocks.

Asheville grooms Cakes, tiffanys baking co

Asheville is Beer City and it wouldn’t be a completed year without a few Beer themed Groom’s cakes!



Western North Carolina Wedding Cakes 2014

December 28th, 2014


Welcome to all our  viewers! We are so excited to see you stopping in to view some of our creations from 2014!!

There have been so many amazing brides and clients come through our doors that we couldn’t decide which image to share today. What a wonderful problem to have…… we are grateful for you all so much. =) SEE A FEW CAKES WE DID BELOW.

We have gathered some helpful ‘tips’ for potential cake purchasers!…..GREAT TIPS:

  • develop a budget in mind (but, leave some wiggle room!). It will make process feel less stressful
  • gather an idea of flavors you and your guests favor most
  • settle on a color(s) that compliment the space and décor you will be using
  • use your invite, dress, heirloom China as inspiration
  • Close your eyes and visualize your own style, who you are. This will inspire an INCREDIBLE design!
  • know that cheap prices does not mean you will be given a product worthy of your guests. Be weary and double check Reviews.
  • Always call ahead to check on availabilities. We recommend for Weddings~9 months ahead, and for Celebration Cakes~6 weeks ahead.
  • Trust your designer. Artists thrive in ‘creative spaces’. =)


Tiffany's Baking Co., Hot Springs NC Wedding Cakes

Weddings in Hot Springs North Carolina bring some beautiful colors for cakes!

Asheville Wedding Cakes. Naked Wedding Cakes

Asheville Wedding Cakes. Naked Wedding Cakes

Asheville Weddings

Asheville Wedding Cakes. This one features our edible wafer floral work! Made to look like antiques pages.

Fun BoHo themed Wedding Cake in Asheville area. Custom guitar toppers too!

Fun BoHo themed Wedding Cake in Asheville area. Custom guitar toppers too!

Romantic Asheville Wedding Cake..Belle Epoque Style

December 27th, 2014

A wedding at the Grand Bohemian Hotel in Asheville. Hand painting edible Art is so much fun!

Wedding Cake, its Summertime!

September 17th, 2013
Tiffany's Baking Co., wedding cakes

Beautiful Jewish Wedding that had a fabulously trendy cake.

Vegan Wedding Cake we did at The Old Edwards Inn in Highlands NC.

Vegan Wedding Cake we did at The Old Edwards Inn in Highlands NC.


Delicious display of our scrumptious pies, desserts, and cakes.

Delicious display of our scrumptious pies, desserts, and cakes.

Wedding Cakes featured were iced in our delicious Meringue Buttercream.  Fresh floral placed on gives it that subtle touch of femininity & style.

The base of the elegant stairway in the lobby of the historic Lake Lure Inn was a fantastic back drop for the 4 tiered cake.

The 3 tiered beauty… amazingly delish Vegan Wedding Cake with luscious fresh floral and edibles. At The Farm at Old Edwards in Highlands NC.

Our adorable Rustic Wedding Dessert Table was at the Elegant yet Country Chic Barn at Claxton farm in Weaverville.



Asheville Wedding Cakes, May 2013

June 4th, 2013

Ahhh.. its summer time.  Vintage themed Weddings are in the air.  Smells of lavender and antique suitcases swoon the outdoor reception sites.  WE LOVE IT!

We created this most lovely Vintage Traveler Themed Wedding cake at The Mountain Magnolia Inn this past Saturday.  Absolutely stunning Venue!

Looking forward the Photographers images… coming soon we hope!… see our image of the cake below.  Thank you!


Vintage travelers Wedding Cake themed. handmade sugar work, custom designed for bride

Vintage travelers Wedding Cake themed. handmade sugar work, custom designed for bride


Asheville Wedding Cakes, glimpse into Fall Follies

May 8th, 2013
Bride and Groom feeding their Wedding cake to one another at The Homewood Mansion in Asheville NC.

Bride and Groom feeding their Wedding cake to one another at The Homewood Mansion in Asheville NC

Venue: Homewood Mansion

Photographer: TBD soon!  Isn’t the image awesome too

Couple kiss upon feeding one another their wedding cake at The Sanctuary in Black Mountain NC

Couple kiss upon feeding one another their wedding cake at The Sanctuary in Black Mountain NC

photographer: Tessa Hutchcroft photography

Venue: The Black Mountain Sanctuary


Tiffany's Baking Co., wedding cakes

Couple having fun slicing their wedding cake at The 1927 Lake Lure Inn, NC

Photographer: Joe Payne Photography

Venue: 1927 Lake Lure Inn and Spa



Hope you enjoyed those. =)




Cystic Fibrosis Fundraiser for Elijah Fisher!

April 29th, 2013
April 29 - May 4 we are selling YUMMy cupcakes and decals to raise money and awareness for Elijah's FIGHT.

April 29 – May 4 we are selling YUMMy cupcakes and decals to raise money and awareness for Elijah’s FIGHT.

EVENT: Elijah’s CF Busters Fundraiser

WHERE: Asheville Sandwich Co. on 202 State Rd. Asheville NC

WHEN: April 29th – May 3rd  from 10am – 6:30pm

WHAT TO BUY: $2/cupcakes by Tiffany’s BAKING CO., $5/each Fight for Cure wrist bands, and, window decals

MORE INFO: Elijah’s CF Buster’s team, story, info.

Elijah F. Cystic Fibrosis Fundraiser 4/29/13 - 5/4/13 at Asheville Sandwich Co.

Elijah F. Cystic Fibrosis Fundraiser 4/29/13 – 5/4/13 at Asheville Sandwich Co.

Community outreach by fellow Asheville Wedding Vendor

January 28th, 2013
adorable reaction from a child

adorable reaction from a child

Because everone deserves sweet dreams

Because everone deserves sweet dreams


I have been graced in my career with meeting some pretty fabulous people in the Asheville Wedding Industry. Talented, gifted, blessed, and humbled.  Many of them all take time during the course of the year to share their time, talents, and treasures with the community. The Studio Wed group, full of some crazy talented wedding vendors is a large supporter and contributor to one such community outreach………
Jill, at Realities Photography created an organization called Sleep Tight Kids. She organizes and gathers together blankets, sleep-time attire, and soft stuffed companions to be dropped off at various locations in the Asheville area, to children in need. To GORGEOUS, excited, jumping up and down, children in need.
We here at Tiffany’s Baking Co. finally get to take time out and be a part of a wonderful delivery to a home for children on February 7th. Along with the Sleep Tight Kids program, we will be awaiting the jumping up and down- gleaming moment, from the beautiful children.
If you have but one brief moment, we encourage you to view her website, and, if you can,… donate or participate.

To bless one child is as to be blessing the generation that follows.


Biltmore Style Wedding Cakes

January 19th, 2013
Biltmore Wedding inspired photoshoot.

Biltmore Wedding inspired photoshoot.

The beautiful Biltmore Bride during photo session.

The beautiful Biltmore Bride during photo session.

We had the beautiful homor of creating some Gorgeous mini Wedding Cakes for a Biltmore bride!  The display was done with the stylish eye of the Darling Bee team, with the use of their props, and undeniable sense of fashion, they created a wonderful display!

All the mini Wedding Cakes were hand done with edible sugar work to reflect a Romantic Southern theme.

The Photographer was the amazing Corey Cagle.  Her talents are amazing and her grace with clients is spot on.

We look forward to the next Wedding Cake and to meeting many more wonderful Asheville destination Brides.


Winter Cakes.. oh how we adore thee!

January 10th, 2013

Some recent Wedding and Birthday Cakes we have taken out of our bakery to some very happy clients in the Asheville area and beyond.

White textured exteriro with sugar crystaled love doves on top and edible branches.

White textured exteriro with sugar crystaled love doves on top and edible branches.


Sculpted Birthday Cake delivered to The Grand Bohemian Hotel in Asheville. 100% edible

  Sculpted Birthdya Cake delivered to The Grand Bohemian Hotel in Asheville. 100% edible

Wedding Cake was delivered to The Homewood Mansion in Asheville.  It is this beautiful old charming Grey Stone Manion with several fire places.  GORGEOUS!

Birthdya Cake was delivered to The Grand Bohemian Hotel’s Restaurant and Wine tasting Room.  Wonderful for small intimate gatherings!


Our Sculpted Cakes travel to Asheville and beyond!

December 7th, 2012
Asheville Birthday Cake for Icing Smiles organization

Cake created for a Birthday in Asheville a few years ago.

Icing Smiles is this MOST amazing group that in non-profit and is on a mission to make smiles across the USA!  They find cake designers willing to donate their creativity and time to makes cakes for children or their siblings, that are battling illnesses.  How beautiful is that!

Today is one such AMAZING day.  Little Jayden is turning 2 and about to get the Coolest Dr. Seuss cake!  We cannot wait to meet her and see her smile. :o)

Images to come soon… they will be here soon and will post image after.

Tiffany’s Baking Co. is located just outside the city of Asheville NC.  From Wedding Cakes, Groom’s Cakes, handcrafted Pies, Cupcakes, and now our NEW Online Cake Store…….. baking memories is our business here.

Blessed to be doing this for a career.

~sweet dreams,



We won…..The Knot Best Of Weddings 2013!

November 28th, 2012
Asheville Weddings Cakes, Tiffany's Baking Co won 2013_the_knot

We won Best of 2013 with The Knot! This is a huge compliment that our team worked so hard to achieve. Also, thank you to our fabulous reviews!

Thank you to our past clients for submitting such beautiful reviews and accolades about our services!  And, to a wonderful team we have here at Tiffany’s Baking Co. that works with such amazing time and talents.  Thank you!

We have a passion for Wedding Cakes that shine, Birthday Cakes that marvel, and Special Event creations that amaze!

For over thirteen years I have baked, sketched, and designed Wedding Cakes, Groom’s Cakes, Custom Cakes, cupcakes, and pastries for restaurants, resorts, brides/grooms, and many clients.  Asheville to Cashiers…. Lake Lure to Andrews…. , even Gatlinburg to Greenville, The Carolina’s are proving to be an AMAZING place to have Weddings.

Providing Wedding Cakes, Birthday Cakes, and more to Asheville and Beyond.


Asheville Wedding Cakes…and beyond.

November 23rd, 2012


Tiffany's Baking Co., Asheville Groom's Cake

Tiffany’s Baking Co., Asheville Groom’s Cake. Hendersonville Weddings. Asheville Sculpted Groom’s Cakes


Tiffany's Baking Co., Sylva Wedding Cakes

Tiffany’s Baking Co., Sylva Wedding Cakes. Vintage Wedding Cakes with handmade sugar peonies.


Tiffany's Baking Co., Asheville Wedding Cake

Tiffany’s Baking Co., Asheville Wedding Cake. At the Crest Center Pavilion with Verge Events Wedding Planners and Aaron Imaging.

CONGRATULATIONS!!!! Asheville, Weaverville, Cashiers, Highlands, and even Lake Lure Weddings are a beautiful back drop for an amazing designed Wedding Cake

Looking for a designer to help create a delicious and gorgeous centerpiece to your Western North Reception can be over whelming.  Our passion here is to tailor fit your style, venue, decor, and taste buds to the PERFECT Reception centerpiece!

Flour + Eggs + Sugar + Butter + fresh ingredients = one AMAZING combo.

No extra cost to what flavors you choose, nor, if they are different per tier.  Buttercream or fondant……. no price change either!  We WANT you to have a cake or dessert centerpeice that your guests will want to talk about for years to come.

YOUR CONSULTATION: Is FREE and includes a design and tasting session here at our cake studio.

Themed Weddings can be fun to design for as well!  The Asheville scene has inspired some really impressive Vintage as well as Modern Wedding Cakes.

Groom’s Cake image by: Regina Holder Photography

Photo of Vintage Peony Wedding Cake at The Cellars at Bettys Creek in Sylva NC, by: Angela Cox Photography 

Photo of Couple viewing Crest Center Pavilion Wedding Cake: Aaron Imaging

Check out some recent Wedding Cakes, Groom’s Cakes, Sculpted Cakes, Birthday Cakes, and Cupcake Weddings that we have done on our post, and then, feel free to wander on over to our Flickr photostream to see over 300 more!

All our LOVE & Congratulations to you both.   We look forward to meeting with you soon.



Wedding Cakes… seize the chance to spoil your guests

August 6th, 2012
Signature-Carrot-Cake, tiffany's baking co

Signature-Carrot-Cake, tiffany’s baking co

Those that have ‘been there and done that’ in the process of planning the Reception have a basic memory of having to choose what your guests taste for thier dessert at your Wedding.  I can say that I, myslef, have had many all Vanilla cakes set before me with fork in hand.  There is nothing more impressive than an all Vanilla Wedding Cake that is magnificant.  But, there is nothing short of Spectacular when that one piece of cake holds sooo many delicious layers of flavor and depth.  Is your mouth watering?

Fresh Buttermilk Pound Cake layered with fresh Apricot Preserves, Tahitian Vanilla Bean Meringue, and that Amazing Cream Cheese with crushed Orange and fresh Pineapple….. bliss.

Your family, friends, vendors, and guests have come for you two, in a celebration of LOVE and what makes this World shine at its most brightest spectrum.  Spoil their taste buds….. give them a memory on a plate!

Toasted Almond Cake laced with Amaretto, so delicately layered with Toffee Crunch Meringue and White Chocolate Mouse with ribbons of fresh Caramel.

Help those smiles stretch at your event and put your LOVE on a plate.  In Cake!

~sweet dreams


photography courtesy of: Bren Dendy Photography

Asheville Vintage Wedding Cakes

July 31st, 2012
Asheville Wedding Cakes, Tiffany's Baking Co.

Asheville Wedding Cakes, Tiffany’s Baking Co.

Take some soft pinks, champagne, pewter, and ruffles.  Throw in a dash of elegance and regal.  Maybe a little sparkle and some softened lighting… what do you get?……………..

An amazing Wedding at the Grand Bohemian Hotel in Asheville NC!  Asheville Weddings can vary in sooo many ways, but, when a theme/or deisgn is successful and executed so wonderfully, it is Remarkable.

See the image in this POST of the Vintage Wedding Cake we did for that very event!

The Wedding Cakes we design for clients that come to Asheville for thier stylish Wedding Receptions are from traditional to incredibly detailed and personalized.  Making our clients cakes ones that are truly designed from the heart.

Nothing touches our heart more than when we recieve a blessing in an email:

“I am just blown away!  You have no idea how thrilled we are with the ski boot cake  Matt was so surprised and happy with it.  I’m sure you know by now that I wouldn’t let them cut into at the rehearsal dinner.  I wanted everyone at the wedding to be able to appreciate it as well.  Not only was it a creative master piece, it tasted fantastic.  I hope you took lots of pictures so you can include it in your portfolio.  If you ever want to use the pictures or us as a reference, feel free. 

Move over, Buddy.  There’s a new Cake Boss in Town.  And Duff, you may be the Ace of Cakes; but Tiffany is surely the Queen of Cakes. 

Thanks again, Tiffany, for making a very special memory for us.”

Mr. & Mrs. S.

We look forward to many more Asheville Wedding Cakes to come… and beyond!  We have actually successfully delivered all along the East Coast as well.  ALWAYS an awesome time.  :o)