Sculpting madness!

We are sculpting some awesome designs! Waking up early and going to bed way to late is the rythm these past few months…. and we are crazy enough to say…. WE LOVE IT!    

Traditional Wedding Cakes here in the greater Asheville area are very common for us to do, but every now and then we get that call….’can you sculpt us an Airplane?’… or…’Are you able to do a Medeival dragon on top of a cliff?’.  

Yes!  We are!  

One past bride had us do an antique hearse for her Groom.  It was such an important surprise that cameras and family members piled into our bakery upon pick up….. he was thrilled and LOVED that we added a ball and chain tied to the back bumper!  This cake was for a rehearsal dinner at the Biltmore Estate…. fits that historic feel too.  


Antique Hearse Cake
Toasted Almond Cake with Vanilla Toffee Crunch Buttercream Filling, sculpted into an Antique Hearse. 100% edible. And slightly spooky!

Tiffany’s Baking Co. is one of Asheville’s Wedding Cake Vendors that can create anything your heart desires.  From traditional Wedding Cakes to the unexpected.  And the Bonus….. they taste incredibly delicious! 

More images to come so check back often!   

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