Tiffany's Baking Co., Asheville Groom's Cake

Tiffany’s Baking Co., Asheville Groom’s Cake. Hendersonville Weddings. Asheville Sculpted Groom’s Cakes


Tiffany's Baking Co., Sylva Wedding Cakes

Tiffany’s Baking Co., Sylva Wedding Cakes. Vintage Wedding Cakes with handmade sugar peonies.


Tiffany's Baking Co., Asheville Wedding Cake

Tiffany’s Baking Co., Asheville Wedding Cake. At the Crest Center Pavilion with Verge Events Wedding Planners and Aaron Imaging.

CONGRATULATIONS!!!! Asheville, Weaverville, Cashiers, Highlands, and even Lake Lure Weddings are a beautiful back drop for an amazing designed Wedding Cake

Looking for a designer to help create a delicious and gorgeous centerpiece to your Western North Reception can be over whelming.  Our passion here is to tailor fit your style, venue, decor, and taste buds to the PERFECT Reception centerpiece!

Flour + Eggs + Sugar + Butter + fresh ingredients = one AMAZING combo.

No extra cost to what flavors you choose, nor, if they are different per tier.  Buttercream or fondant……. no price change either!  We WANT you to have a cake or dessert centerpeice that your guests will want to talk about for years to come.

YOUR CONSULTATION: Is FREE and includes a design and tasting session here at our cake studio.

Themed Weddings can be fun to design for as well!  The Asheville scene has inspired some really impressive Vintage as well as Modern Wedding Cakes.

Groom’s Cake image by: Regina Holder Photography

Photo of Vintage Peony Wedding Cake at The Cellars at Bettys Creek in Sylva NC, by: Angela Cox Photography 

Photo of Couple viewing Crest Center Pavilion Wedding Cake: Aaron Imaging

Check out some recent Wedding Cakes, Groom’s Cakes, Sculpted Cakes, Birthday Cakes, and Cupcake Weddings that we have done on our post, and then, feel free to wander on over to our Flickr photostream to see over 300 more!

All our LOVE & Congratulations to you both.   We look forward to meeting with you soon.



Asheville, Weaverville, Waynesville, Lake Lure, Highlands, Cashiers, Candler North Carolina and more. Man have we traveled a ton this past season. As we get ready to wrap up all our past orders from the summer and start to prepare for a busy Fall season we reflect on the TOTALLY AWESOME creations we got to do! Check ‘em out.

Ramblin' Wreck Georgia Tech Car Cake. Peanut Butter Cup flavor and 100% handmade.

Asheville Groom's cakes

Motorcycle Book themed Groom's Cake

Avett Brother's Banjo cake

Avett Brother's Banjo inpsired Groom's Cake

Some wonderful venues that we had some of our Groom’s Cakes featured at were the:
Apple Hill Farm
Wolfe Laurel Country Club
Edwards Inn at The Farm
The Venue
Highland Brewing Co.
The 1927 Lake Lure Inn and Spa

Thank you for checking us out! Check back often as we have aton of cakes to show you.


This yummy and moist carrot cake was personalized with the Groom's love for triathlons in mind. Edible decors, handmade figure on bike, and buttercream iced.


Another fabulous season of cakes have come and gone here at the bakery.  The weathe ris now always chilly and  it is that time of year that we focus on regrouping for another successful weddingseaon in Spring/summer/fall. 

Oh and thwere is more to us than Weddings…… oh yeah.  We adore Birthdays!  Birthday evenhts are such a fun relaxed and loving event!  Designs are colorful, happy, whimsical, and some times extreme.  From 1st birthdays to celebrating a milestone like a 90th.  No cake leaves our doorstep unless we feel it is ‘perfect’ for that client. 

As we gear up for a quickly approaching Spring, we are forced to reflect on all the wonderful clients and co-vendors we had worked with prior.  So grateful and humbled to have this small part on so may B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L days.  All the emails and calls we get back from clients telling us how delcious they cake was, or, how beautiful the design came together, warms our heart eveerytime. 

It takes a team to do what we do here.  We ALL have a pivotal part in the course and the end result relfects how we are all passionate for what we do. 

Please, enjoy a few simple cakes we have done.  And thank you… for your wonderful attntion and support.  love, the team at Tiffany’s Baking Co.

Twilight Series Birthday Cake. All hand painted and sculpted. Custom made bookmark hands from top book.



Vintage Owls were the theme for this Wedding. Edible Gerber Daisies and twigs adorn cupcakes.



Elegant cake designed to reflect brides style and color palette. babies breathe blossoms, hydrangea bunch, and broache all handmade from sugar.



Steampunk Cupcake Wedding. Hat is the top tier! Magnolia blossom made of edible clock gear pieces. Zepplins, gears, mechanical birds made from white chocolate on cupcakes.




NIKON Camera Cake for a Groom. At Celine's on Briadway in Asheville!

Ashville Birthday Cakes and Groom’s Cakes!

From fun Birthday Cakes to neat sculpted Groom’s Cakes. We are located near Asheville NC and will travel up to 2.5 hours to deliver our delicious creations…… hey, we LOVE what we do here!

NIKON camera was 100% edible as well as all the other cakes we have shown above.

Thank you’s:

Celine’s on Broadway, venue

Crest Pavilion

Call us today for your FREE consultation or, for your personal order quote.

Have a beautiful Autumn,


of Tiffany’s Baking Co.

Auburn Helmet Groom's Cake at the Crest Pavilion

Baby Shower cake for a fun Asheville client!

Asheville Wedding cakes

Castle Ladyhawke Wedding Cake. Sage green stenciling and pearl white fondant drappery. Beautiful.


Asheville Groom's Cakes
Electric Guitar Groom’s Cake. Vanilla Cake with Fresh Strawberries and European Buttercream fillings. All is edible except the suspended neck.
Asheville Birthday Cakes
Nutcracker Birthday Cake for legend Ballet Bobby Barnett
Asheville Custom Cakes
Baby Shower cake with a Beach/Tiki theme. Figure is in likeness of the momma-to-be. Complete with edible beach bag and all.



  May - July 2010   

Though we have not posted much lately it is not because we are slow…. oh no no        

no….. my friends, it is because we are….  SLAMMED!       

Asheville Wedding Cakes, Asheville Birthday Cakes, Asheville Groom’s Cakes.       


The Venue       

Claxton Farm in Weaverville NC       

Castle Ladyhawke in Tuckasegee       

Asheville Event Co. event       

Grove Park Inn       

Crest Center Pavilion       

Pack Tavern       

Highland Lake Inn…and more       


~Mandarin Pineapple Cake with a Passinofruit Buttercream and White Chocolate        


~Keylime Cake with fresh Lime Curd and Creamy Toasted Coconut Fillings       

~Lemon Cake with White Chocolate Mousse and Crushed Raspberries.       


~Indian mehndi       

~Organic Chic       

~Off the chart Whimsy!       

~Shabby Country Chic       

~Modern Simplistic       

~Preschoolers Paradise       

… much variety and sooo much fun!       

Plus, we hit a record year in cakes already!  And it is only the end of June….. so        


Oh!  Would you like to see some of our past creations…. it would be our pleasure        

to share……… thank you stopping by and supporting our hard work!       



We seriously think we need to start labeling our posts, hhmmm?

April 2010 Cakes!… too obvious? 

Well, in any rate we LOVE what we do and have fun with it!  Everything from scratch and hand made to order.

Searching out some local egg suppliers today….. and getting very excited for berry picking season! 

Locally grown berries taste amazing in our cakes.  wow! 

We have posted a few recent creations below.  Enjoy and have a beautiful weekend. Cakes below were for events at such gorgeous venues as The Venue, Homewood, and The Grand Bohemian.  All in Asheville NC.  

Wedding Cake at The Venue, Asheville
Toasted Almond Cake with fresh Caramel and Bavarian Creme. Wedding Cake at The Venue, Asheville

Wedding Cake at The Venue, Asheville
Adorable Chic design with simple topper. Iced in European Buttercream. Wedding Cake at The Venue, Asheville


Snoopy and Woodstock Cake
Snoopy and Woodstock Groom’s Cake, at the Grand Bohemian in Asheville
Wedding Cake at The Homewood Mansion, Asheville

Vintage Victorian design with fresh flowers. Wedding Cake at The Homewood Mansion, Asheville.

Asheville Birthday Cakes

Waterpark themed cake! Everything was edible and kid friendly. Kids piped onto cake were in likeness of the birthday trio!

March was a great month for us!  Tiffany’s Baking Co. did so may cool custom cake designs from a life sized leg for a 40th Birthday Bash to a Waterpark themed Birthday!  Cakes this month were commonly designed from Fabulous invites purchased through The Baggie Goose. 

Asheville Birthday Cakes

Cakes design inspired from Boys invitation. All decorations were edible (except wire for suspended beach ball...of course! LOL).

And it all starts with fresh, homemade recipes baked to order…..mmmmmmm.  Tiffany’s Baking Co.  has been developing these reciped for over 11 years and continue to create custom combos for all our new clients.  We love it!  

Our favorite of the month was an Apple and Walnut Spice Cake with Fresh caramel and White Chocolate Mousse.  


The Runner Up….. a Buttermilk Pound Cake with fresh glazed Strawberries and a Bavarian Creme.  Tastes like a Strawberry Shortcake!  Wow.  

This was almost a record month for us with Consultations too…. we met some amazing clients and are truely looking forward to producing their ‘Dream’ cake.  

We are booking up very fast this year!  Call us today to see if we can be the baker/creator of your events awesome edible centerpiece!  Birthday cakes, Anniversary Cakes, Graduation, Confirmation, Baptisms, and more.  Adorable chic cupcake designs and precious teapot cakes for little princess.  Mans best friend to a college alumni logo………..   This Labrador cake was at The Lake Lure Inn and Spa. … gorgeous location!  

Labrador cake was a Vanilla Poundcake with Peanut Butter swirl and a Peanut Butter Fudge Buttercream filling. Deflated soccerball and treats were all handmade and edible. Wearing a DUKE Jersey.

Asheville custom cakes and desserts is our pride and love.  Call us today to speak with one of our talented designers.  

Thank you,


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