Western North Carolina Wedding Cakes 2014

Welcome to all our  viewers! We are so excited to see you stopping in to view some of our creations from 2014!!

There have been so many amazing brides and clients come through our doors that we couldn’t decide which image to share today. What a wonderful problem to have…… we are grateful for you all so much. =) SEE A FEW CAKES WE DID BELOW.

We have gathered some helpful ‘tips’ for potential cake purchasers!…..GREAT TIPS:

  • develop a budget in mind (but, leave some wiggle room!). It will make process feel less stressful
  • gather an idea of flavors you and your guests favor most
  • settle on a color(s) that compliment the space and décor you will be using
  • use your invite, dress, heirloom China as inspiration
  • Close your eyes and visualize your own style, who you are. This will inspire an INCREDIBLE design!
  • know that cheap prices does not mean you will be given a product worthy of your guests. Be weary and double check Reviews.
  • Always call ahead to check on availabilities. We recommend for Weddings~9 months ahead, and for Celebration Cakes~6 weeks ahead.
  • Trust your designer. Artists thrive in ‘creative spaces’. =)


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North Star Bakery

Taking cake orders July 1st at our new store!

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